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Welcome to The Body Spa we look forward to assisting you. We are known in the black hills for providing the best in massage therapy . We are proud to also be the  home of the Black Hills only certified to operate Impact whole body cryotherapy tank. Our hours vary depending on service and therapist , please call for any questions about our hours and availability.


Thank you in advance,

CMT, LMT and owner

Tara Mechaley

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    All sessions below will be tailored to meet the clients needs and wants.
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      Below are alternatives to massage that offer excellent wellness benefits and work great as complimentary care.
      • normatec compression $20
        Compression sleeves to help in recovery from swelling, restless legs or arms, lymph issues, muscle soreness and intense workouts Sessions last up to 30 min
        $15 as a add on before or after other services or $100 for unlimited monthly. $10 for additional sleeve set. Improves circulation and help muscle recover recovery. Leg, hip and arm/shoulder sleeves available. 

        all sessions are tailored for each individual client . Reguardless if you need relaxation, sports, deep tissue or specific targeted work your therapist will pull from their tool box of continued education to tailor the perfect session for your requested wants and needs  . If you want a specific therapist click on the therapists name at the top of the availability screen after you select your service. This will give you only that therapists availability otherwise it shows all availability of all,therapists who preform that service.
        • Consultation Free
          This option is for if you would like to set up a meeting with any of our practitioners to discuss services or to see the spa. Please only book any business related consultations with Tara. Use this option also for BNI one to ones 
        • 30 min Custom Massage $40
        • 60 min Custom Massage $70
        • 90 min Custom Massage $100
        • 120 min Custom Massage $130
        • Specialized Massage

          Massage sessions below are targeted to specific needs of the client


          • 60 min Prenatal Massage $70
             Tailored to meet the specific needs of moms to be. Prenatal massage helps both mom and baby adjust to the demands and riggers of  pregnancy, while spoiling the very deserving mom to be. This service is performed predominantly in a reclined position followed by side lying to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of the client.
          • 90 min prenatal massage $100
          • 60 min sports massage $75
          • 90 min sports massage $105
          • 60 min TMJ Massage $70
             Inner-oral therapy developed to decrease symptoms often associated with TMJ dysfunction, including but not limited to clicking/frozen jaw ,chronic shoulder pain, headaches/migraines, neck pain, neck/head injuries. 20-30 min is spent inside the mouth working the muscles of the mandible (jaw) once the mandible releases the rest of the 60 min is spent working the muscles of the upper body for additional relief. This modality is highly effective form of pain management for chronic sufferers. only available with our specialist Tara
          • 90 min TMJ Massage $100
             Same as 60min TMJ Massage , however instead of concentrating only on upper body after treating the jaw, it includes full body treatment in order to extend the therapeutic value and relax the entire body.Only available with our specialist Tara
          • 30 min Foot Reflexolagy $40
             30min foot and calf massage that focuses on the reflex points of the feet to promote overall health and balancing of the body. Treats the entire body thru your feet ! Perfect for those who battle chronic foot problems and or are on there feet all day and simply need a little extra TLC.
          • Ear candling $75
            Ear candling is a process that has been around for hundreds of years used as a holalistic tool to treet many forms of health problems related to the ear and sinus(s). It is known to help remove wax and debri as well as relieve sinus pain/headache, swimmers ear, plugged ears, ear infections and tinnitus. This session involves inserting a long hallow paraffin candle into the ear and lighting the other end while massaging the scalp, neck and sinus
          • Raindrop Therapy $75
            Holistic treatment using the powerful healing qualities of pure essential oils to treat the body as a whole thru the nervous system instead of the muscular system . Various essential oils are layered along the feet and spine in a feathering motion followed by light massage of the back .This modality promotes realignment and relaxation of the body and spirit while boosting the immune system. This session will last between 45-60min depending on the amount of oils needed for treatment and how quickly the body responds. Please note this modality is only available with our specialist with Tara
          • Full Body Cryotherapy

            cryotherapy is a full body rejuvenation that uses dry, cold air therapy in a safe three min spa treatment to activate the bodies organic healing process and reduces inflammation. Experience the benefits to fitness, health, wellness, skin and beauty- long after leaving the cryosauna. the cryosauna is a standing up unit with your neck and head outside of the unit. you wear robe, gloves, socks and protective shoes that are all provided. please wear or bring dry underwear, shorts or swim wear and bring your own dry socks if you prefer not to wear ours. do not apply oil or lotion directly before your session ,skin must be completely dry. Heart conditions (including stroke or heart attack with in one year), allergy to cold or severe sensitivity to cold, uncontrolled high blood pressure are contraindicated. 
            Ask about packages at check out to save $
            • Whole Body Cryotherapy Single Session $45
              get ready to immerse yourself in the power of healing in our cryotherapy tank. Individual sessions last 30s-3min depending on client. plan on 10-15 min from start to finish of appointment your first session 5-10min any following session. Sessions may help chronic inflammation and inflamitory diseases , perfect for post operation healing, post injury healing, muscle recovery, chronic pain, energy and libido boost, insomnia issues, boosts immune system, may help with skin conditions ,depression, vitality, and metabolism/weight loss, tightens and tones the skin reducing cellulite and wrinkles. this is not a medical device or treatment and we do not guarantee any of the above results.
            • Whole Body Cryo Buddy Session $80
              Bring a buddy and get a discount for 2 appointments  . Book appointment under one name . Please arrive together .
            • Cryotherapy consultation Free
              Curious about cryotherapy but want to check it out first before committing to a appointment? We are happy to do a free consult and you can ask all the questions you have to our cryo expert and see the cryosauna first.
            • Discounted cryo sessions for groups (group rate)
              This is for groups of 3+ people who would like to come in together for cryotherapy . Each person will receive a individual session but everyone can experience the fun together, supporting each other, taking pictures etc.when booking book under the name of the individual organizing the group. please call for groups larger then 6 to reserve time. 

              3-5 people $35
              6 + $30 each 
            • Local cryotherapy

              Targeted treatment last 3-8 min ( depending on treatment ) using a stream of dry cold nitrogen vapor to help decrease inflammation and swelling in specific areas of the body. Great for pain relief associated with issues such as tennis elbow, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, headaches, concussions and other injuries . Does not have as many benefits as the sestemic results received with whole body cryo but great as a add on with whole body cryo for areas that need additional care or for people who can not use whole body due to health issues or people afraid of tight spaces. Local cryo may also be used for treatment on animals. Reduce inflammation and pain 
              • Targeted local cryo $40
                3min treatment targeting a specific area of the body to combat inflammation and pain. Deeper cold and more effective then icing 
                $30 when added on to any service 
                Series package available at check out (buy 5 get 6th free) 
              • Cryo facial $55
                8min of localized cryo on the face , head , shoulders, arms, neck,
                 increases collagen production, decreases puffiness, tightens skins and oxygenates the skin adding a fresh glow to the face. No need to remove make up it can be applied directly over. Can also be used as a effective time treatment for migraines and as a concussion protocol . 
                $45 as a add on to any service 
                Series packages available at check out (buy 5 get a 6th free) 
              • Local cryo for animals $40
                3-5 min of pressurized nitrogen vapor to desired areas to help relive inflammation and pain. All creatures welcome (cats,dogs,horses etc.) we will work with you to provide the most comfortable stress environment possible for your fur baby during treatment. Packages available at check out.
              • INFRARED SAUNA

                .Private dry sauna (clothes optional) that may help to detox the body, increase metabolism while increasing circulation, speed up tissue and wound healing, relieves deep tissue and joint pain while relaxing muscles. Sauna maxes out at 140 degrees and is controlled by the client . great therapy by itself or after a massage session.



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